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Men’s Midlife Revolution

Get Out of the Rut, Find Your Purpose, and Create a Meaningful and Fulfilling Life!

Global Online Summit
25+ World Class Speakers
5 Days – February 17-21, 2020

Hosted by Tim Corcoran, founder of

Hosted by Tim Corcoran, founder of

Bonus Replay Day!


Tim Corcoran

Founder & Director, Purpose Mountain

How to discover your soul’s purpose, even amidst resistance, fear, or doubt

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Tim Corcoran is the founder of Purpose Mountain, where he offers Nature Based Purpose Guidance to support people with a love for wild nature who feel a deep yearning and a burning desire to discover their purpose, as well as work with resistance and fears through the Ecology of Self and Voice Dialogue.

Tim also serves as co-Director of Twin Eagles Wilderness School, an organization he co-founded with his wife, Jeannine Tidwell, in Sandpoint, Idaho in 2005 dedicated to facilitating deep nature connection mentoring, cultural restoration, and inner tracking.

Tim is a leader of men’s groups, holistic rites of passage for boys, and wilderness vision quests, guiding and initiating men and boys into the new paradigm of the mature masculine.

Since 1999, Tim has dedicated his life towards consciously furthering this vision of living in balance with the Earth, community, family, and self.

Healing the cultural rift between the mainstream and indigenous cultures, transformational consciousness work, the spiritual journey, ancestral work, deep nature connection, the sacred hunt, family and health are all deep commitments in his life.

Tim is a heart centered father of two brilliant boys and husband to a magnificent wife, and lives in pristine Sandpoint, Idaho.


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Aubrey Marcus

Founder & CEO, Onnit

Embodying your greatest potential through Total Human Optimization & psychedelic medicine

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Aubrey Marcus is the founder and CEO of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. Since its founding, Onnit has become an Inc. 500 company and industry leader with over 250 products ranging from peak performance supplements to foods, fitness equipment, and apparel.

Inspired by his lifelong experience as a multisport athlete — as well as his background in ancient philosophy — his goal was to create a company that empowered customers to achieve their fullest human potential. With the launch of the firm’s flagship supplement Alpha BRAIN in 2011, Onnit was born.

Aubrey currently hosts The Aubrey Marcus Podcast, a destination for conversations with the brightest minds in athletics, business, science, and philosophy with over 10MM downloads on iTunes. He is also the instructor of a 16-week goal-acceleration program called Go For Your Win.

Last year, Aubrey led his first three-day seminar about relationships, called LOVE: Practice Makes The Master, and offered his insight to over 6,000 entrepreneurs during his roundtable discussion at the Synergy Global Forum, a two-day conference in New York City that brought together the world’s most admired business leaders, media moguls, literary icons, tech wizards and entertainers.

A sought-after public speaker and multi-platform media expert, Aubrey has been featured in major media outlets such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Men’s Health and Men’s Journal, among others. His book, “Own The Day, Own Your Life” was published by HarperCollins in April of 2018.


Free Gift: The Game of Life PDF

John Berardi

Founder, Precision Nutrition

Intermittent Fasting Mastery

About the Speaker + Free Gift

John Berardi is a Canadian-American entrepreneur best known as the co-founder of Precision Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition coaching, education, and software company.

He is also the founder of Change Maker Academy, devoted to helping would-be changemakers turn their passion for health and fitness into a powerful purpose and a wildly successful career.

Over the last 15 years, John has advised Apple, Equinox, Nike, and Titleist, as well as the San Antonio Spurs, Carolina Panthers, US Open Champ Sloane Stephens, and 2-division UFC Champ Georges St. Pierre. He has also been named one of the 20 smartest coaches in the world and 100 most influential people in health and fitness.

John currently lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife and four children, although they tend to escape the cold Canadian winters by spending January to April in warmer places.


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The Secrets of Body Transformation for Men:
Learn the world’s most effective strategies to lose fat, build strength, and live a healthier life.

Jon Young

Founder, 8 Shields Institute

Cultivating full aliveness through Deep Nature Connection

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Jon Young is a nature connection mentor, naturalist, wildlife tracker, peacemaker, author, workshop leader, consultant, sought after public speaker and storyteller. As a leader in the field of nature-based community building over 30 years, Jon’s research into the impact and significance of nature on human intelligence and development has influenced tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Trained from an early age by renowned animal tracker Tom Brown Jr. , and later by Lakota elder Gilbert Walking Bull and many other indigenous leaders from around the world, Jon has delved deeply into the arts of nature awareness, holistic tracking, bird language and ancestral living skills– fundamental knowledge that shaped the formation of human neurobiology and the way our species connects and learns. He has appeared as an expert in numerous documentaries concerning nature and ecology and travels to teach widely throughout North America, Europe, Australia and southern Africa.

Jon has authored and co-authored several seminal works on nature connection and connection mentoring, including What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World (2013), and Coyote’s Guide to Connecting to Nature (2007). In 2016, he received the Champion of Environmental Education Award for his innovative work, which has inspired positive developments in the field, and fostered the growth of the nature connection movement on a global level.

As co-founder of the 8 Shields Institute and OWLink Media, Jon has established an international network of consultants and trainers working to cultivate effective nature connection mentoring programs in communities and organizations. As the originator of the 8 Shields model, a best-practices process for nature connection mentoring, Jon has implemented vital advancements in the regeneration of nature-based cultural knowledge for the benefit of current and future generations.


Free Gift: A Life Path with Meaning: A summary of Renewal of Creative Path

Amos Clifford

Founder, Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

De-Stressing through the ancient practice of Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Amos Clifford is the founder of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs and author of the best selling Your Guide to Forest Bathing (Conari Press 2018). A student of Buddhist philosophy for over 20 years, Amos founded Sky Creek Dharma Center in Chico, California, where he emphasized the importance of meditation practice in wild places. Amos is also widely known for his work in restorative justice. He is the founder of the Center for Restorative Process, where he has led the inquiry into how the principles of restorative justice can inform ways to heal the broken relationships between humans and the more-than-human world of nature. Amos holds a BS in Organization Development and an MA in Counseling from the University of San Francisco. Amos has been the primary developer of ANFT’s acclaimed training programs.


Free Gift: Invitations to Imaginal Journeys in Midlife



Dan Doty and Owen Marcus

Co-founders, EVRYMAN

How to cultivate masculine emotional maturity

About the Speakers + Free Gift

Dan Doty is an executive coach and experiential retreat facilitator with roots in the great outdoors. He works with executives and senior leaders across a range of industries to increase performance and fulfillment by developing a relaxed confidence and increased ability to connect deeply with others.

Dan is also the co-founder of Evryman, a company that brings men together to exercise their emotions so they can lead more successful, fulfilling lives. His previous work includes producing and directing outdoor-based tv and film, teaching in a public high school in the Bronx, and spending 600 days in the wild as a wilderness therapy guide for disadvantaged and at-risk young men. Dan has appeared on the Today Show, has been a guest on the acclaimed Joe Rogan podcast, and has been featured twice in Men’s Health magazine.

Dan earned his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and English from the University of Minnesota – Duluth, and his Master’s degree in English Education from Pace University.


Owen Marcus trains men to coach and lead men’s groups. His books and courses give men what they need to create the life they dreamt of. He is committed to men having their relationship flourish.

Owen’s former holistic medical clinic treated professional athletes, Olympians, and stressed out professionals. This led him to start one of the first certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs in the country.

Realizing how emotionally disconnected, blocked and resistant he was, Owen began a journey of emotional connection. Understanding the limitations of traditional psychological training, he took a deep breath and jumped into studying more innovative approaches. Owen dove into men’s work in 1995 because he wanted more from life.

In 2005, he wanted more from men’s work, so he began developing what eventually became Evryman’s unique approach. His new model of men’s work and men’s groups evolved into a book, a documentary film and a network of new men’s groups.

His nonprofit, Men’s Corps, offers men ways to use this new model. provides men and their groups with a vast set of tools and support to succeed. Evryman’s personal and corporate trainings and coaching dive deep into upgrading how we use the power of emotional connections. Life and relationships don’t need to be a struggle. In every man’s genome are the instincts to thrive. We need the guidance we never had to activate our ancestral emotional intelligence.


Free Gifts:

Modeling “Checking In”: an excerpt from EVRYMAN Fundamentals Online Program

EVRYMAN: How to Create the Interactions and Outcomes You Want

Boysen Hodgson

Communications Director, The ManKind Project

The New Macho vs The Old Macho

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Boysen Hodgson is the Communications and Marketing Director for the ManKind Project USA (, a nonprofit mentoring and training organization that offers powerful opportunities for men’s personal growth at any stage of life.

Boysen has been facilitating men’s work for over a decade. He’s a co-founder of the Springfield Open Men’s Group and author of “The New Macho,” a credo for the new masculine.

Boysen has been featured in numerous radio programs and publications including a New Conversation with Men, the World Changer Sessions, Reclaiming Male Role Models, Good Men Project, Dallas Voice, and the Sunday Times of London.


Free Gift:

The Purpose Activation Blueprint: A step by step multi-format exploration of your unique purpose with Chris Kyle and Brandon Peele. The Purpose Activation Blueprint has been used by thousands of men to help refine, inspire and ignite purpose.

Eldra Jackson III

Co-Executive Director, Inside Circle

Transforming toxic masculinity

About the Speaker + Free Gift

A writer and sought after public speaker on the topics of at-risk youth advocacy, effective criminal justice rehabilitation and turning around ‘toxic’ masculinity, Eldra brings clarity of purpose, mission focus, and inspiration to his role at Inside Circle.

He was an inmate at New Folsom Prison when he found Inside Circle and began the inner personal journey that eventually led to his release in 2014 and his current leadership role.

A living example of successful rehabilitation and re-entry, Eldra has dedicated his free time on the outside to serving at-risk youth, and acting as a facilitator, trainer, and mentor.


Free Gift: “The Work” documentary

Scott Kiloby

Co-Founder, Kiloby Center for Recovery

Healing addiction and trauma through mindfulness

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Scott Kiloby is a noted author and international speaker on the subject of freedom through non-dual recognition (authentic spiritual awakening as it is taught in the East). He is the author of seven books and has traveled the world extensively giving lectures, workshops and intensives on spiritual awakening and the healing of addiction, anxiety, depression and trauma. He is a California Registered Addiction Specialist. He is the co-developer of a new model of addiction recovery that is based on inquiry and unconditional love.

Scott is the co-founder of the Kiloby Center for Recovery in Palm Springs California, the first addiction, anxiety, depression and trauma Intensive Outpatient Program to focus primarily on mindfulness. Scott is also the co-owner of the Natural Rest House, a detox and residential center in La Quinta, California. Both facilities focus on Scott’s new model of recovery.

Scott is the inventor of Mindful Pain Management, an app that acts as an interface between physicians and chronic pain patients to help reduce the risk of addiction to painkillers and more mindfully treat chronic pain.

Scott is also the founder of two mindfulness/inquiry training programs: Living Inquiries Community, a training program and group of trained facilitators who work with people in over 12 different countries, and the Kiloby Inquiries (KI) training program which focuses on the new and latest developments in Scott’s work.


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Lion Goodman

Founder & CEO, Clear Beliefs Institute

How to clear limiting beliefs, transform your life and unleash your magnificence

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Lion Goodman is CEO of Luminary Leadership Institute, an initiatory program for leaders of businesses and organizations. He helps high-achieving individuals, executives and business owners discover their true purpose, live into their highest virtues, and fully manifest the unique and extraordinary life they want to achieve.

Lion is one of the early pioneers in Spiritual Technologies, in the 70’s created The Quintessence Catalog of Consciousness Tools, a catalog of tools and technologies for awakening, meditation, and self-development. It lasted only two years, but it began a long 40+ year search to find the best transformational technologies.

Lion is the creator of Clear Your Beliefs, a methodology for permanently transforming beliefs at the core of the psyche. He has taught this powerful healing method to hundreds of coaches, therapists and healers around the world, and turned one component of it into an iPhone app for mindful embodiment and energetic clearing, called iClearIt.

In 1975, he was granted one of the world’s first Bachelor’s degrees in Consciousness Studies. Since then, he has studied and practiced the breadths and depths of psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and the principles of success.


Free Gift:

“Clear Your Beliefs: How to Delete Your Limiting Beliefs, Transform Your Life, and Unleash Your Magnificence,” a multimedia ebook

Day 3 – Career & finance

Garrett Gunderson

Founder, Wealth Factory

Move through money blocks and cultivate a thriving relationship to holistic wealth

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Garrett Gunderson is Founder and Chief Wealth Architect of Wealth Factory, a lifelong entrepreneur, keynote speaker and a New York Times best-selling author of Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity. He has dedicated his life to educate and serve hard-working, honest business owners.

Garrett comes from a 4th generation coal mining family, raised in rural Utah. His great-grandfather left Sangiovese, Italy to escape government corruption and excessive taxation. He came to America and was separated from his family for 7 years, living in a tent so he could build a better life for his family.

Garrett’s approach to personal finance is firmly rooted in this history. His company, Wealth Factory, helps self-made business owners and entrepreneurs who understand hard work — but who haven’t been given the proper financial tools to build lasting wealth. Because even though Garrett’s great-grandfather understood the value of hard work, he never got to enjoy it. And without proper structures, hard work is like eating soup with a fork. You keep busy, but stay hungry.


Free Gifts: The Cash Flow Strength Mega-Kit

Chris Kyle

Founder, Launch Academy

How to get started running a prosperous online business as a vehicle for your deepest calling

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Chris is a speaker, teacher, consultant and eLearning expert who helps teachers, authors, entrepreneurs, change agents and organizations develop transformative online courses and grow highly-engaged learning communities that unite and inspire people across cultures.
He works closely with individuals and organizations to develop and implement customized learning programs and platforms that deeply engage, inspire and transform participants — what he sees as the model for eLearning 2.0. In this capacity, Chris has launched numerous interactive and community-focused eLearning programs — that often times have thousands of participants in courses with timeframes ranging from 4 weeks to 12 months.

Some of Chris’s eLearning clients include: Sounds True, San Francisco Zen Center, Meridian University, MaestroConference, The ManKind Project, Personal Life Media, and Evolving Wisdom.

Chris has also guided the online launches of notable best-selling authors and teachers including: Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Arielle Ford, Terry Patten, Shakti Malan, Linda Fitch and others.

Chris also walks-his-talk by developing and teaching his own public online learning programs in the areas of purpose, authentic leadership and building online courses. He created The Power of Purpose Summit, which drew 13,000 participants from 85 countries around the world, the Man On Purpose 7-week online course with participants from over 20 countries, his deep-dive online training program called Launch Academy, and the co-host of the Conscious Men Summit with John Gray and Arjuna Ardagh.

He is also the co-creator and co-host of the New Man, New Woman, New Life Tele-Series with Amy Ahlers, which had over 10,000 participants upon its first launch; as well as The Way of the Evolutionary Man Tele-Summit with Craig Hamilton, which had over 6,000 participants. He is the author of The Purpose Activation Blueprint.

In addition to his eLearning experience, Chris worked in Fortune 500 companies and owned his own global eco-adventure travel company for 6 years. He was Senior VP of Sales for Grand Expeditions, a new travel brand that he helped build from zero revenue to $120M in 3 years. He also held leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry with Allergan Inc. and Boehringer-Mannheim.

Chris graduated from Stanford University where he studied Political Science and Economics. He lives with his wife in Northern California.


Free Gift: 5 Things You Need to Know to Create a Successful Online Course (ebook)

Emerald GreenForest

Host, Men on Purpose Podcast

How to live your purpose in a way that magnetizes authentic, holistic wealth

About the Speaker + Free Gift

It is no surprise that best selling author and international speaker, Emerald GreenForest, isn’t just activating the Creative Age Leader Movement. She is intentionally mobilizing Men On Purpose & Wickedly Smart Women to step into and fully serve their highest calling and profit handsomely from doing so with clarity, courage and wholehearted & unreserved commitment.

A passionate presenter and commentator on hundreds of national & international media outlets, GreenForest’s inspiring & timely message is igniting audiences and activating the transformation of wisdom into wealth for visionary change agents, consultants & expert coaches all over the globe.

As executive producer & host of the Apple Top 100 Ranked Men On Purpose Podcast & the Apple Top 75 Ranked Wickedly Smart Women Podcast GreenForest says:

“Creative Age Leaders are awakening to the fact that money can only get you so far. The new model of leadership requires the growth of social impact, thriving collaborative networks, purposeful profitability AND deep self awareness in service to living & creating a legacy life, what I like to call a Wealthy Life By Design – A Life That’s a Work Of Art That is the invitation my work & message offers.”


Free Gift: Wealth Readiness Quiz

Chris Martenson

Founder, Peak Prosperity

Prosper! How to prepare for the future and create a world worth inheriting

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Chris Martenson, PhD (Duke), MBA (Cornell) is an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, and co-founder of (along with Adam Taggart). As one of the early econobloggers who forecasted the housing market collapse and stock market correction years in advance, Chris rose to prominence with the launch of his seminal video seminar: The Crash Course which has also been published in book form (Wiley, March 2011). It’s a popular and extremely well-regarded distillation of the interconnected forces in the Economy, Energy and the Environment (the “Three Es” as Chris calls them) that are shaping the future, one that will be defined by increasing challenges to growth as we have known it. In addition to the analysis and commentary he writes for his site, Chris’ insights are in high demand by the media as well as academic, civic and private organizations around the world, including institutions such as the UN, the UK House of Commons and US State Legislatures.


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Free chapter on Financial Capital from our book “Prosper! How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting


Shana James

Host, The Man Alive Podcast

The hidden link between being an extraordinarily impactful leader AND lover!

About the Speaker + Free Gift

For 15 years, Shana James has coached nearly a thousand men — leaders, CEOs, authors, speakers and men with big visions. These men step into more powerful leadership, start and grow businesses, create more effective teams, increase their impact, get promoted, find love, rekindle spark, create a legacy, and become more personally inspired and fulfilled. With a Masters in psychology, DISC certification, 15 years facilitating workshops, starting multiple businesses and helping hundreds of entrepreneurs start their own, as well as mindfulness and meditation training, Shana’s range of skills supports men to thrive in all areas of their lives.


Free Gift: 3 Ways Men Lose Influence at Work and With Women

Day 4 – Relationship Mastery

Jayson Gaddis

Founder, The Relationship School

How to turn relationship pain into love

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Jayson Gaddis, relationship student & teacher and host of the Smart Couple Podcast, is on a mission to teach people the one class they didn’t get in school–”How to do Romantic Relationships.” That’s why he founded The Relationship School®. He was emotionally constipated for years before relationship failure forced him to turn his life over to learning about relationships. Now, he’s been married to his amazing wife since 2007 (after some brutal break ups) and has two beautiful kids. When he doesn’t live and breathe this stuff with his family, he pretty much gets his ass handed to him.

Jayson believes that the world will be a better place if we just knew how to effectively work out our differences.

Jayson teaches you that hidden within any and all relationship pain are the seeds of you getting more empowered in your life and more connected to yourself.


Free Gifts:

Free Video for Growth-Oriented Monogamous Men:
Deepen Your Relationships. Get Sexually Empowered. Meet Your Life Like A Warrior.

Carista Luminare PhD

Founder, Confused About Love?

How to stop being confused about love and become clear, wise, and secure

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Carista Luminare, Ph.D., has more than 40 years experience as a counselor, consultant and educator to individuals, couples and families. In her counseling practice, she integrates her lifelong research on early bonding patterns and how they impact our identity and our adult relationship dynamics.

Her powerful life-changing programs bring participants into direct experience and embodiment of their True Self. Carista has developed a comprehensive holistic parenting methodology, a leading-edge evolutionary leadership program, and a practical approach for couples to rewire their insecure bonding patterns into a secure functioning relationship.

After graduating from Harvard University in Psychology and Social Relations in 1978, and completing her post-graduate degrees, Carista pioneered educational programs on early attachment that focused on preventing and repairing childhood developmental trauma. She is the author of the groundbreaking book, Parenting Begins Before Conception. She is certified in both the Gottman Method and Stan Tatkin’s PACT Institute.

Carista has lectured throughout the United States at conferences, hospitals, and universities, and has been featured in a variety of international teleseminars and media about early attachment and human development. She is a featured blog writer at She is the co-founder and President of Luminary Leadership Institute, and co-creator of the programs offered at

Carista is a mother, and step-mother, and she has used her approach with her own family and in her relationships with great success (including with her beloved partner, Lion Goodman!).


Free Gift: Lovestyle Profile Quiz

Jon Vroman

Founder, Front Row Dads

How to show up powerfully present as an intentional father every day

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Jon Vroman has been married for 10-years to the beautiful Tatyana, proudly served as father for his two energetic boys, Tiger and Ocean, and founder of, a brotherhood that helps men become better family men.

He hosts the Front Row Dads podcast, which focuses is thriving marriages, empowered parenting, emotional mastery, optimal health and integrated living.

Front Row Dads is designed for high-performing entrepreneurial men who believe in being a family men with business, not businessmen with a families.

Jon has been featured on Today Show and for his work in helping others “Live Life In The Front Row™”. He’s been requested to speak for the US Navy, Vitamix, Dove, Keller Williams Realty, Entrepreneurs Organization and many others.

As the author of #1 bestselling author of The Front Row Factor, he shares inspiring stories, compelling science, and life strategies that challenge you to explore your values, establish priorities and reconnect to a higher purpose and deeper meaning within your life.

In 2005, Jon founded, a charity that helps individuals who are braving life-threatening illnesses, to experience the event of their dreams, from the front row.


Free Gift:

Five Habits of Front Row Dads and three must listen to interviews to improve your family life

Ashanti Branch

Founder, The Ever Forward Club

Fostering a culture of healthy masculinity through mentoring

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Ashanti Branch works to change how young men of color interact with their education and how their schools interact with them. Raised in Oakland by a single mother on welfare, Ashanti left the inner city to study civil engineering at Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo. A construction project manager in his first career, his life changed after he tutored struggling students and realized his passion for teaching. In 2004, during Ashanti’s first year teaching high school math, he started The Ever Forward Club to provide support for African American and Latino males who were not achieving to their potential. Since then, Ever Forward has helped all of its more than 150 members graduate from high school, and 93% of them have gone on to attend two- or four-year colleges, military or trade school.



The Mask You Live In (Film)

Ever Forward Club

100K Masks Challenge

Free Gift: 

#100kMasks SONG:
From the Grammy Nominated album The LOVE by Alphabet Rockers


Bill Kauth and Zoe Alowan

Founders, Time for Tribe

Time for Tribe – Creating personal, committed community

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Bill and Zoe met at Burning Man, found mature love grounded in decades of inner work and happily married in 2008. Ever since then, they have been working together, learning and teaching the theory, values and workable structure of “New Tribes” as part of the evolving Gift Culture. They are building intimate, bonded tribes of men and women, thus supporting a healing of the essential feminine and masculine. They authored the book We Need Each Other, and have delivered over 65 Gift Community seminars around the world (see “Events” section).


Free Gift:

Essentials For Tribe: Building Heart-To-Heart Personal Community by Bill Kauth and Zoe Alowan Kauth

Day 5 – Spirit, Soul & Life Purpose

Brian Stafford MD, MPH

Senior Guide, Animas Valley Institute

Soul-centric & Eco-centric Masculine Development

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Brian is a depth psychiatrist, wilderness and professional human development guide, poet, essayist, and agent of human and cultural transformation.

Previously, he was an academic pediatrician, and an adult, adolescent, child, perinatal and infant psychiatrist with numerous clinical, research, and educational publications as well as many institutional, state, and national awards.

Following his soul’s calling, he left academic medicine in 2012 and founded Eco-Psyche-Artistry and Wilderness Is Medicine, organizations that foster mature eco-centric human development. He also completed in-depth training with the Animas Valley Institute, founded by Bill Plotkin, where he now serves as a senior guide, training director, Board member, and Director of Strategic Operations.


Free Gifts: Soulcraft – Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche, Chapters 1 & 2

Lama Rod Owens

Dharma Teacher, Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism

Radically present masculinity – embracing diversity in race, gender, sexuality & identity

About the Speaker

Lama Rod Owens is an author, activist, and authorized Lama (which means Buddhist Teacher) in the Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism and is considered one of the leaders of his generation of Buddhist teachers.

He holds a Master of Divinity degree in Buddhist Studies from Harvard Divinity School and is a co-author of Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation. Owens is the co-founder of Bhumisparsha, a Buddhist tantric practice and study community and has been published and featured in several publications including Buddhadharma, Lion’s Roar, Tricycle, The Harvard Divinity Bulletin and has offered talks, retreats, and workshops in over 7 countries.

Lama Rod facilitates undoing patriarchy workshops for male identified practitioners in Brooklyn and Boston. Lama Rod’s next book project “Love & Rage: Liberation Through Anger”, explores transformative anger and rage as a practice, and is due out June 2020.

Daniel Foor

Founder, Ancestral Medicine

Healing your ancestral family lineage

About the Speaker + Free Gift

Daniel Foor PhD, is a teacher and practitioner of practical animism who specializes in ancestral and family healing and in helping folks learn to relate well with the rest of life. His recent ancestors are settler-colonialists to Pennsylvania and Ohio from England, Germany, and Ireland. He is a doctor of psychology, marriage and family therapist, amateur naturalist, life-long student of earth-honoring traditions, and the author of Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing. Since 2005 Daniel has guided ancestor-focused trainings, community rituals, and personal sessions throughout North America. Training as a therapist, living in other cultures, and immersion in different lineages of ritual all inform his kind and non-dogmatic approach to ancestor and earth reverence. He lives with his wife and daughter in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, traditional homeland of Cherokee peoples.


Free Gift: A Variety of Diverse Interviews on Ancestral Medicine

Sulustu Barry Moses

Founder, Spokane Language House

Healing our relationship to the indigenous soul

About the Speaker

Barry Moses was raised between worlds, in the cities of Spokane and Seattle, Washington, as well as the Spokane Indian Reservation in the traditional ways of his indigenous family and culture. He is an educator with a keen interest in spirituality, indigenous language & culture, dream work, and personal insight. As a “cultural specialist” he has a very rare and powerful gift of bridging the modern with the native. His tribal name is “Sulustu”, which literally translates from the Spokane Salish language as, “Where the Worlds Come Together”. Barry is a featured TED Talk presenter and the founder of the non-profit organization, Spokane Language House, where he works to preserve his endangered traditional Spokane Salish language and culture.

Website: Spokane Language House

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